(ONLINE) Level 2 Effective Maintenance of 3G Pitches

This Level 2 training course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of how and why certain maintenance and complementary activities are needed for a 3G pitches.

What is involved in this online course?
This online option will suit those volunteers and professionals that do not have time to travel and attend a course. You will learn about the maintenance practices required to ensure your 3G pitches are safe to use and meet the required standards.

How much does it cost?
Member Price £110.00 (Incl. VAT)
Non Member Price £150.00 (Incl. VAT)

What does the course content cover?
By the end of this course you should be able to understand:

  • the range of equipment and materials used in maintaining 3G pitches;
  • the need to provide a duty of care to users;
  • the need to carry out daily pre-use surface and goal post checks;
  • the need for effective maintenance practices;
  • how to carry out effective maintenance practices;
  • the difference between routine maintenance and more specialist maintenance work;
  • the requirements for maintenance planning;
  • the need for good record keeping;
  • the need for routine pitch performance monitoring and testing;
  • where to find relevant Governing Body 3G information.

How long does it take? 
The course takes around 4-5 hours to complete although you do have a window of 28 days to complete it.
Just like our other online courses there are self assessment questions so that you can check your learning as you go, plus there is a formal end of course multiple choice assessment test, which is also online.

What do you get?
You will receive a certificate of completion which can complement your own CPD activity.

This course is also worth 3 CPD points / 3 CPD hours.

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Booking prices

Course delegate fee

Non members: £150.00

Members: £110.00

Date: Start within 48 hours


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