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‘Risk Assessment’ and ‘Safe System of Work’ discount offer 


These documents are for guidance only. With each purchase, you will receive:

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The following NON SITE SPECIFIC documents do not replace the suitable and sufficient training and supervision necessary for the task and workplace. Manual operations and the use of work equipment if not carried out properly can cause personal injury to operatives and others and damage to property. Ensure you read all relevant operational instructions and, the adoption of the safe working practices and use of equipment specified by the manufacturers. Each individual and organisation should take ownership of monitoring and managing Health and Safety.

Pricing – Note: these documents do not currently attract VAT although this could change in the future and would be in addition to the prices shown.

MembershipSingle documentsMultiples and discount
  01-10 11 – 50 (10%) 51- 193 (20%)
Member price £6.00 each £59.40 - £270.00 £224.80 - £926.40
Non Member price £9.00 each £89.10 - £405.00 £367.20 - £1389.60
****Many documents do compliment each other so please do take time to decide which documents you wish to purchase****

For you ease we have provided the full list of documents available in PDF format as well as a couple of examples which you may wish to view. Once you have decided you wish to go ahead and purchase some documents please select each document within the shop below.

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