Level 3 GMA Certificate in Supervisory Management (Full Course)

What is involved in studying for this qualification?
The five modules - team motivation, coaching skills, idea generation, meeting management and team building – can be studied individually for the IOG Level 3 Certificate in Supervisory Management, totalling around 150 hours of learning. You can enrol on one, or more modules to suit your needs. On the completion of an individual module, including the online assessment, you will receive a Certificate of Module Achievement. On the completion of all modules, you will receive a Certificate of Course Achievement, for Level 3 IOG Supervisory Management. 

The individual modules are:

1. Team Motivation
Helps you to understand about the different theories of motivation and how these might be applied to a team situation. 
Module length: 30 hours

2. Coaching Skills
Providing appropriate guidance and coaching to your ground staff can significantly contribute to your effectiveness as a team leader. 
Module length: 35 hours

3. Encouraging New Ideas
Helping you to support team members in identifying, developing and implementing new ideas in the work place can make a huge difference to team morale.
Module length: 25 hours

4. Meeting Management
Communicating information effectively at meetings is essential in the modern workplace. This course looks at how you can lead and manage meetings to get the most from them. 
Module length: 20 hours

5. Team Building
This module helps you to understand how to work with your team to set appropriate objectives and provide support in creating an effective team. 
Module length: 40 Hours

Why should I enrol for this qualification?
This new learning route will help to support and develop those managers who have been promoted into management positions without any formal training or experience in issues that are ‘non turf-related’. Content provides a detailed insight into the skills needed to lead, build and manage a team, including the development of coaching skills, improve personal management performance and enhance team motivation. Plus, review practices to meet the challenges involved, by creating better ideas and solutions. These modules are ideal for assistant head and head grounds managers who wish to develop their own knowledge and understanding of how to be an effective line manager, and as a result, lead your team successfully. 

What are the entry requirements?
This is the IOG’s key Management qualification and is ideal for people wishing to demonstrate their expertise within a sports turf related team. Candidates will ideally have at least 3 years’ experience. Plus, there is no practical work involved with this qualification. Applications will be considered on an individual basis.

What is the cost of the qualification?
Pricing details for the full course and individual modules are available further down this page. 

How can it be studied?
The course can extend across nine months at a pace that suits the individual and is based on distance/home study learning, with tutor support primarily by email. 

How is the qualification assessed?
If you wish to gain a Certificate of Module Achievement, in addition to the Certificate of Module Completion (which does not require an assessment element), you must successfully pass the end of module online multiple choice assessment. Learners who study all five modules and successfully complete each module online assessment will gain a Certificate of Course Achievement, for IOG Level 3 Certificate in Supervisory Management.

What can I do after this course? 
Improve your technical knowledge and understanding with either our Level 3 Technical Diploma in Turf Surface Management, our Level 4 Professional Certificate in Turf Surface Management, or the Level 4 Certificate in Sustainable Turf Management.

Should your studies overrun the prearranged time period given, you can pay £90/£180 for a further 3/6 months support, for every 3/6 months your studies overrun. Should you choose not to pay the short term extension fees, GMA support for your studies will cease.

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